What AlylaTech is doing to help build a better community.

What Are AlylaTech Initiatives

AlylaTech is more than just a software development company. We also are concerned about the well-being of others. That is why we have developed a concept for community-building projects we call initiatives.

AlylaTech Initiatives are goals we set that are meant to help a segment of the community. The objective is to achieve the goals within the span of one year. Setting a deadline is important because it helps with mapping out a more effective plan for achieving the goals.

The initiative that Alylatech has embarked on for 2023 is called the “Artists on the Web Initiative”.

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Artists on the Web Initiative

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Initiative Goals

The “Artists on the Web Initiative” has three goals to achieve. They are:

  • To build websites for free for at least 1,000 visual artists around the country.
  • To educate visual artists about how to market themselves and conduct business so they can earn more money from their work.
  • To educate visual artists about how technology can help them be more efficient.

By achieving these goals we hope to provide members of the visual arts community with not only the platform they need to display or sell their works, but to also provide them with the knowledge they need to make their career sustainable.

The “Artists on the Web Initiative” will launch on March 6, 2023 and run through March 31, 2024. Artists can take advantage of this program by visiting the website we built at

Initiative Background

AlylaTech’s CEO and founder, Shenole Latimer, spent time as the Education Director for a Riverhead, New York organization known as East End Arts. There, he was in charge of the organization’s education facilities, programming, budgets, and outreach.

Having been a professional musician for most of his adult life, Shenole was very familiar with the challenges faced by anyone pursuing a career in the arts. He made it his mission to provide artists of all disciplines with the education and resources they need to make a living and prosper.

And now, years after his East End Arts experience, Latimer is looking to bring the resources of AlylaTech to make a difference in the lives of visual artists.

Shenole chose to focus on visual artists because of a survey taken within the visual arts community by AlylaTech. It showed that, out of 441 respondents, 95.5% of the artists felt that they or some other artist they knew would benefit from having a website and learning how to conduct their business better.

Though his desire is to eventually help artists of all disciplines, he realized that the greatest and most immediate impact that AlylaTech could make is with visual artists.

How You Can Help

The biggest way that you could help us reach our goals with the “Artists on the Web Initiative” is to get the word out.

Display the “Artist on the Web Initiative” banner on your website to show your support. Copy the banner code below and embed it into your website.

If you would like to receive the benefits of being a full sponsor, contact us for details.

Banner Code

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