Custom Software Development For Companies Ready To Grow

We design and build reliable web applications that are scalable, user-friendly, and fully supported.

Custom Software Development for Startups to Mid-Sized Businesses

Laptop monitor showing code of software being developed.

Every company has its own set of needs and circumstances that are unique to them.

Even though there are end-to-end and software as a service (SaaS) solutions available on the internet, they all are designed to be one-size-fits-all.

As a result, companies that are startups, small, or mid-sized businesses struggle to find an affordable solution that fully fits their needs and budget.

At AlylaTech, we realize that different sized companies have different requirements when it comes to the scope of their custom software solution and its scalability.


Startup companies we work with are often in the preprofitability stage, in need of accomplishing rapid growth, and trying to keep the agility to be able to tailor their product or service to meet customer requirements.

With this in mind…

  • The software needs to be based off of the minimal features needed to allow for immediate profitability. (MVP or Minimal Viable Product).

  • Scalability is key in order for the software to handle incoming rapid growth.

  • Evolving products or services  means developing a software solution that can easily evolve and adapt to changing parameters and circumtances.

Small Businesses

Small businesses that are looking to grow have usually refined the process of providing their product or service, are looking to expand their personnel and offerings, and need to start incorporating some automation.

And so…

  • The software’s features are able to be more dialed-in to support the core aspects of the company’ offerings.

  • Having a scalable custom software solution that can handle growth in customers, service or product offerings, and staff becomes even more vital.

  • The software needs to increase the company’s efficiency and help be a driver of growth.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Typically, mid-sized businesses are in need of a higher volume of data that’s also more varied, have more layers to their hierarchy, and have more staff that will need to interact with the company’s software solution.

This means that…

  • More comprehensive analytics should be built into the custom software solution.

  • With more layers existing in management within a company, a greater emphasis should be placed on access control. Various user types with different permissions will be needed.

  • A growing staff with varying levels of computer literacy means that the software must be particularly user-friendly.

What Type of Custom Software Do We Build

A view of a software developer from the top view.

At AlylaTech, our specialty is to build mobile-friendly web applications that are easy to use and that solve the pain points of your company.

Perhaps you are the owner of a small business that is looking for ways to increase your efficiency, which in turn will increase your profit margin. Or, maybe you are a startup with a great idea for a new application, but do not have the technology team to realize your vision.

Our team stands ready to create a solution for any problem or scenario your company is looking to solve.

As a result of our clients’ needs, we build custom software that serve as end-to-end solutions, resource management, or even as our clients’ core service or product.

5 Reasons Why You Need Our Custom Software Development

A business team is facing a problem to solve.

1. Solve Your Company's Unique Problems

There are a number of available software solutions that can be placed within the “one-size-fits-all” category, such as a CRM, accounting software, or appointment scheduling applications.

However, if one of these types of solutions can’t work for you, either you have to change your business processes to adapt to the software at hand, or obtain software that can fit and adapt to your business processes.

Investing in a custom software solution will allow you to gain a competitive advantage by solving the unique problems your business and or customers are facing.

2. Enhance Customer Experience

One way to stand out over your competition is to not only address what your customers need and want, but to do so while providing a unique and personalized experience.

When using software that is a one-size-fits-all solution rather than custom developed software, each customer’s experience is the same as every other customer’s. Furthermore, every other company that is using that same software has the exact same customer experience to offer.

Using the same software solution as everyone else leaves you with nothing unique to make customers choose you instead of your competitors.

Monitor showing integration of a third party system into an application dashboard.

3. Integrate with Other Systems

This is actually a very common reason why we are contracted to build a custom software solution.

There are times when a business may need outside data, part of a service, or a part of the functionality that multiple third parties have to offer. You certainly don’t need to have each of those systems built from the ground up, but in these instances when an “off-the-shelf” solution can be useful, you do need all of these systems to integrate well with each other and all of your existing processes.

Our software engineers can build custom system integrations that not only align with your company’s processes, but that also leverages data and functionality from different sources in real-time.

Company celebrating over getting rid of excessive documentation.

4. Get Rid of Bells & Whistles

Another very common reason our custom software development services are used is because of the following dilema…

Do you opt for overly-complicated software that has a bunch of features you don’t need and will never use, or do you invest in having a simple solution built for your specific problem?

The answer that is more cost effective and that increases productivity is to get rid of the unneeded bells and whistles, by investing in a custom built solution that is better adapted for your company’s needs.

5. Make Scaling Easier

Growing a business is an endeavor that is full of many challenges and bumps in the road. This is when you truly need custom software that can keep pace with the unique demands of your growing staff and customer base.

Custom software development brings greater flexibility and scalability, which makes it the ideal option for a growing business.

If a process in your business changes, then you can simply add new features to your custom software. Whereas, if your company is using an off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all solution, you are likely looking at abandoning that software to try and find something else that fits, as well as facing the incredibly daunting and messy task of trying to migrate your data to the new software that’s chosen.

You Are Fully Supported

If you are a client of ours and we have built a custom software solution for your company, then you have our full support. Whether you are experiencing a difficulty or you are looking to add an upgrade, our team has you covered.

What is Our Custom Software Design & Development Process

Infograph that shows the software development steps followed by AlylaTech.

The 7 steps to our custom software design and development process follow a logical series of events, which lay down the foundation of the project roadmap we follow. This roadmap leads us to consistent and repeatable success for each project that we embark upon.

Along each step of our development process, we are looking to form a stronger partnership with our clients. We find that there are a number of benefits towards the approach we take with our customers. For example:

  • Communication is greatly enhanced. Keeping open and robust communication with our clients yield great dividends, when it comes to the finished custom software solution.
  • The extra effort placed towards closer relations with our clients allow us to better customize any training that they will receive when the software has been developed.
  • We value the expertise our clients have in their given field. As we gain greater exposure to their personnel and company’s inner-workings, the features we build or add as later upgrades become more insightful and valuable.

When you add our 7 steps to software development to our philosphy of relationship building, and throw in the professionalism we care to maintain throughout the entire process, the result is a custom software solution that solves our clients’ problems and sets them firmly on a path to further grow their business.

Two software engineers working together to solve a problem.

Have a Question?

Below, we have compiled our most frequently asked questions about our custom software development services.

The development cost is entirely dependent upon what your needs are and how that affects the complexity of the software.

The projects we have worked on generally fall within the range of $900 to $100,000.

Such a wide range in cost  is why it’s vital to have a free 30 minute discovery consultation with us. The information we obtain provides us with an idea of the project’s needs and scope, which in turn gives us a basis for determining a cost estimate.

Just as with the cost, development time also depends on the complexity of the software.

Typically, we find that very simple solutions can be completed inside of 2 weeks, while more complex projects can take as much as several months.

Scheduling a discovery consultation with us not only helps us determine a cost estimate for the project, but also how long it may take to develop your custom software.

After we give you a final walk-through of the software it is deployed onto our servers.

We provide server space, maintenance, and technical support packages to all of our clients.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, phone aps are not actually a better solution for our clients. Web aps are far more versatile and conducive to an office environment.

Furthermore, all of the web applications we build are mobile friendly…they will look good on any sized screen from a mobile phone on up to a smart TV.

You do!

There are a couple of special case scenarios where we may have a percentage ownership. But these are very special circumstances that are agreed upon by both sides before the development process ever even begins.

Absolutely! We place a heavy emphasis on developing software that can be added to and scaled up for the future.

Of course there are development fees involved. But the vast majority of the time, the costs are much lower because the heavy lifting was already done in building the initial application.