Power Your Company's Future With Technology Consulting

Our experts will provide you with the information you need to make the best strategic decisions for your company.

Better Planning for Your Small Business with Technology Consulting

Technolgy presentation provided by an AlylaTech consultant.

Nobody needs to be reminded how quickly technology changes. The constant evolution that takes place with technology as a whole, means that the tech industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the global economy.

When you couple this fact with the understanding that no startup, small company, or mid-sized company can hope to follow a path to growth and profitability without leveraging some aspect of technology, it becomes all the more important that the decision-makers and strategists of the company have the right information.

The technology consulting services that we provide will arm you with the information and advice you need to ensure that your company grows into the future with as little friction as possible.

Our technology consultants can provide consulting sessions via online video conferencing to accomodate remotely-based work environments.

At AlylaTech, our goal is to provide you with information that is current and easy to consume. We realize you will be making decisions that could have far reaching implications for your company and its direction. That’s why it is vital that your technology consultation is delivered by a knowledeable tech professional, such as our experts at AlylaTech.

Technology consultant giving a demonstration.

Why You Need Our Technology Consultation Services

Reduce Costs

Finding and implementing the right technology offers more cost effective solutions to the various day to day challenges that your business faces.

Increase Capacity

As a startup, small, or mid-sized business you depend on rapid growth. By integrating the right technology, your company can scale to meet demand.

Streamline R&D

A big mistake small companies often make is not developing a proper process for R&D. Or experts can help you create an efficient R&D process.

Technology consulting session between a company CTO and an AlylaTech professional.

We Offer One-Time Sessions & Consultants on Retainer

At AlylaTech, we understand that different companies have different needs. That is why our technology consulting services include scheduling one-time sessions and holding a technology consultant on retainer. Contact us and find out more about all we have to offer!

Have a Question?

Below, we have compiled our most frequently asked questions about our technology consulting services.

Our fee is $62.68 per hour for a one-time session. Retainer services start at a monthly rate of $523.20 for a 10 hour per month package.

The majority of sessions we receive bookings for last 1 hour. But, technology consulting sessions can go longer as needed by our clients.

In-person consultations can take place at your office, one of our workspace locations, or even a public venue such as Starbucks, as long as there is a good and reliable internet connection.

Online sessions take place on Zoom.

Most of our clients have been within the technology industry. However, we have done consulting sessions for clients in the hospitality industry, the retail industry, nonprofit organizations, and even within the pet care industry.

All of our contracts are month to month. They can be terminated at any time by either party.