About AlylaTech, LLC

Lakeland, FL based software development company that stands ready to provide the digital solutions your company needs to grow.

Introduction to AlylaTech, LLC

AlylaTech, LLC is a software development company based in Lakeland, Florida that specializes in designing and developing custom software solutions for startup businesses, small companies, and mid-sized companies. AlylaTech, LLC was founded in 2021 by our CEO, Shenole Latimer.

The software solutions that we develop range from simple applications, end-to-end solutions, to even applications that serve as service or product offerings for our client companies. All of the applications that we develop are hosted on our servers. We provide full technical support for all solutions that we create.

In addition to custom software development, our company also has technology consultation and API integration services. Together, these service offerings act as a suite of complimentary solutions that form an ecosystem from which our clients can utilize as a platform for sustainable growth and profitability.

Woman standing within a colorful projection of code.

QUESTT: Our 6 Guiding Principles

At AlylaTech, LLC, the software solutions that we build follow 6 guiding principles for development. These principles are represented by the 6 arms that extend from the center point of our logo icon.

The center point of the AlylaTech logo icon represents the company slogan "At the center of your solutions".

At the Center

The center point represents our company as being at the center of the 6 principles we use to create the solutions of our clients. Hence, our company slogan “At the center of your solutions”.

Logo icon arm that represents the Q in QUESTT.

Principle 1: "Q"

Quality: Only the highest standards are acceptable when it comes to quality of functionality, quality of aesthetics, and quality of user experience.

Logo icon arm that represents the U in QUESTT.

Principle 2: "U"

Unity: Every software solution, whether part of a larger ecosystem or not, should be an ecosystem unto itself. Each part should come together harmoniously as a whole.

Principle 3: "E"

Elegance: Everything, from the lines of code to the aesthetic designs of the user interface, should be graceful, pleasing, and ingenious. The solution should evoke inspiration.

Logo icon arm that represents the S in QUESTT.

Principle 4: "S"

Simplicity: The first priority is to make the user experience as simple as possible. Effort should also be made to have the inner workings of the solution to be simple as well.

Principle 5: "T"

Targeted: Every solution should seek to solve each problem presented in the most direct way possible.
Logo icon arm that represents the second T in QUESTT.

Principle 6: "T"

Thorough: Each problem will be considered from every aspect imaginable when conceptualizing a solution. The development of each solution will involve rigorous testing.