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Technology Services To Grow Your Business

Computer monitors for software development.

Software Development

We will build a custom software or web application solution that is based on your company’s needs and goals.

Technology Consulting

Our experts will give you professional guidance and assess various technologies that will help your business.

API Integrations

Connect to the outside data sources you need in order to scale up your company’s capacity and capabilities.

AlylaTech & The Community

AlylaTech Initiatives

At AlylaTech, we believe that we all should play our part to make our community better. That’s why we created “AlylaTech Initiatives”, where we partner with other companies that share our goal of bringing improvements to everyone’s quality of life through technology.


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Custom Software Solutions
For Your Company's Unique Problems

We build software that addresses the unique day to day needs of your company. The solutions we build are easy to use, mobile-friendly, and scalable to meet your company’s growth.

We Use 6 Guiding Principles for Software Development

Our clients can count on us to develop software that is consistent in its quality and performance. This is because we adhere to 6 guiding principles that direct our approach towards custom software development.

Technology Consulting for Startups & Beyond

As a startup, small, or mid-sized company, you can ill-afford  to make the wrong decisions when it comes to deciding on which technologies to leverage to bring growth to your business.

Our experts are tuned-in to the rapid development of new technologies and the continued evolution of more established ones. Whether it is through in-person meetings or via online video conferencing, the technology consultants at AlylaTech stand ready to provide you with the information you need to bring your company to its next tier of success.

Interoperate in Real-Time with API Integrations

Multiple APIs interoperating.

If you are a startup, small, or mid-sized company, your ability to scale is crucial towards the growth of your bottom line.

Scaling up means that you will need a greater inflow of data and more interoperability between that data and your systems in place.

Our engineers can connect your system to third party APIs that will increase your company’s efficiency and, there for, its profitability.

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