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Happy 2023! I’m very excited about this year and it’s not just because of some exciting projects we are developing and will soon launch. I’m excited because…drum roll please.

We have our very first AlylaTech Initiatve! We’re calling it the “Artists on the Web Initiative”.

First of All, What’s an AlylaTech Initiative?

AlylaTech Innitiatives are programs we come up with to help the community. In keeping with our slogan “at the center of your solutions”, we look to solve a problem within the community through technology.

I have always been someone interesting in bringing smiles to people’s faces. That’s part of why I loved my early career as a professional musician. With AlylaTech Innitiatives we can put smiles on faces by doing our part in the community to make things better.

What’s the “Artists on the Web Initiative”?

Figuring Out Which Type of Artists Needed Help With Websites

As a former performing artist, I still have many connections, contacts, and friends in the arts world. One thing I have always noticed is that visual artists are much less likely to have a website than other artists, like musicians. My guess is because musicians tend to have to deal a lot more with technology in general than visual artists do. And so, the prospect of building a website in a DIY manner was more intimidating to some visual artists than musicians.

In any case, I decided that AlylaTech should conduct a survey to see if visual artists would benefit from having a website built for free for them. We had 441 people respond from all over the country. 95.5% of the responents said that having a website built for free would help them or an artist they knew.

That made it pretty clear what we should do with our first ever AlylaTech Initiative!

“Artists on the Web Initiative” Goals

Of course, what is ANY initiative if there aren’t goals? Well, aside from building websites for free for visual artists, I thought it would be important for them to also learn some business smarts. So, we made three goals for the “Artists on the Web Initiative”, and they are:

  • To build websites for free for at least 1,000 visual artists.
  • To educate visual artists about how to market themselves and earn more money from their work.
  • To educate visual artists about how technology can aid them.

When you put the goals together, you get a program that will supply visual artists with the foundation of their online presence, a platform that they can sell their artwork, and the knowledge they need to grow their business as artists.

What to Expect Next

In the coming days and weeks, we will be working on getting sponsors, gearing up for building a bunch of websites, and creating educational content. There will be a lot of work to do in addition to the projects we are working on for clients. But our whole team is excited to make a difference in a part of the community that is often overlooked.

Many visual artists struggle trying to make a living. It isn’t from a lack of talent. It’s from the lack of having a proper internet presence and the business know-how, and the “Artists on the Web Innitiative” will change that dynamic for a lot of artists!

Did I mention how excited I am?

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